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Biddykins Bamboo Flat 50 x 50 cm

Biddykins Bamboo Flat 50 x 50 cm

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Bamboo terry flat fabric (50 x 50 cm, newborn size) is folded and used as absorbent layers in cloth nappies. This works really well as a trim and absorbent nappy on a newborn and is quick drying too which is fantastic for a quick laundry turnaround. 

Bamboo terry is a soft and absorbent fabric. Fit around baby and fasten with a Snappi (sold separately). You will need to use a waterproof newborn size cover over the folded bamboo nappy. For a newborn you would need about 24 flats and six newborn size covers.

The 50 x 50 cm bamboo flat will fit during the newborn phase from 2 kg until baby is about 5 kg. After that you will need larger flats and covers, but the great thing about flats is that they can continue to be used. The bamboo terry squares can be pad folded and used as boosters when your baby is bigger, making flats really economical in the long term.

Bamboo is soft, absorbent and stretchy. It doesn't lose its shape and stiffen when drying, but it is a little bulkier than hemp jersey.

Brand Biddykins
Absorbency Good
Containment Good (with a cover)
Appearance Fairly slim
Drying speed Quick
Change speed Average
Ease of use Easy with a little practice
Length Average
Fastening Snappi, sold separately
Cover required? Yes
Day or night? Night and day (for a newborn)