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Registry FAQs

Buying a registry gift

  1. Browse your friend's gift registry and choose a gift you'd like to purchase for them.
  2. Press the "Add to Cart" button on the item.
  3. From there, you can choose to add more gifts or to proceed to checkout.
  4. At checkout, you can add a special message to your friend in the "notes" box, and pay using any of our payment methods.
  5. You will be asked for your address. It doesn't matter what delivery address you enter - we'll deliver your gift, along with your message, at a time of your friend's choosing.

You won't need to take a gift with you to the event. When your friend is ready, they'll close their registry and ask us to deliver all their gifts to them. Your gift will be packed up along with your personal message to them.

Buying gift vouchers

If you can’t find anything you’d like to give, or you have in mind a particular amount you wish to spend, you can buy your loved one a Gift Voucher instead. At checkout simply add a note to say who it is for, and any personal message, and we'll make sure it is added to the correct gift registry. Your friend can use it to buy whatever they like and we will deliver it to them along with the rest of their gifts.

How to find a gift registry

Go to the Find A Gift Registry page and type in the names of the people whose gift registry you are looking for. This should bring up some options for you to click on.

Creating your registry

Click here to create a gift registry, fill in the required information, click on "Create registry" and you're done.

You can add items to your registry by exploring The Nappy Emporium shop, find what you like and select quantity and then click the 'Add to Registry' button. You can log in and remove items and add new ones whenever you wish. If you can't find something you would really like, please chat to us. 

We encourage you to keep an eye on your registry, especially in the week leading up to the event, to make sure that there are still enough gifts available for your guests.

If there is anything we can help you with please don't hesitate to Contact Us by email or give us a call on 082 550 9768. If you are based in the Johannesburg area you may also like to Visit Us at the pop-up shop to choose which items you would like to add to your registry.

Sharing your registry

When you create your gift registry you will receive a confirmation email with the link to your registry which you can share with family and friends. People can also directly search for your registry on the Find A Gift Registry page. Your gift registry will be accessible to anyone who searches for it, unless you choose to password protect it. Be sure to tell your friends what the password is!

Closing your registry

We will be in touch soon so that we can arrange to get your gifts to you in good time, either after your event date or ahead of time if you are planning a celebration. Your gifts will be delivered to your door via courier.

As soon as an item on your registry is purchased, that item is secured and added to your gift package ready to be delivered to you when your registry is finalised.

Please be aware that the nappy patterns available do change from time to time. Our suppliers sometimes release new patterns, but inevitably other patterns are sometimes discontinued.

If one of the patterns you have selected in your registry is no longer available, we will contact you to let you know and you are very welcome to choose an alternative pattern. We always stock a variety of lovely designs so there is plenty to choose from. We can also issue you a voucher to the value for you to use at a later stage.