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Biddykins Hemp Fitted Nappy
Biddykins Hemp Fitted Nappy

Biddykins Hemp Fitted Nappy

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The one-size-fits-all (4.5 to 16+ kg) fitted nappy is a night time nappy as the entire nappy is made from highly absorbent hemp. This birth-to-potty nappy has popper waist fastenings and the size can be adjusted using the rise snaps at the front.

The nappy shell is made from two layers of hemp fleece. Inside the nappy there are two snap in four layer hemp inserts and one loose five layer bamboo insert with a staydry top layer, which keeps baby's skin dry. This gives you the option to place the loose insert in a particular area to target the absorbency.

This nappy is not waterproof, so you will also need a waterproof cover to put over it. As with all night time nappies depending on your baby's output you may need to add a booster to increase absorbency to get a full 10 to 12 hours wear. Remember that this hemp nappy will need up to eight washes before it becomes fully absorbent.

Brand Biddykins
Absorbency Excellent
Containment Excellent
Appearance Fairly bulky
Drying speed Slow
Change speed Average
Ease of use Easy
Length Average
Fastening Poppers
Cover required? Yes
Day or night? Night and day