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Our Green Packaging Policy

We do our best to be environmentally friendly and reduce unnecessary packaging where possible

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Nappy Advice

There's such a vast range of reusable nappies available that the amount of choice can be overwhelming. The wrong ones can prove an expensive mistake. That's why we want to help you find what works for you and your budget, whether you are dipping a toe, doing daytime cloth, or ready to go full time.

It can be tricky to choose, which is why we specialise in bringing you a wide variety of South Africa's favourite cloth nappies! We offer speedy nationwide delivery and delivery on orders over R1,800 is free!

New to Cloth?

Modern reusable nappies (also called cloth nappies, washable nappies or real nappies) are totally different to the cloth nappies of bygone generations. With no need for soaking, modern reusables are so easy to use and are an increasingly popular choice for many parents.

Clever size-adjustable design means you can use the same nappies right through from birth to potty. Compared to disposables you can expect to save about R10,000 so cloth makes an appealing investment. Reusable nappies are good for the environment, good for your pocket, and good for baby too - not to mention pretty stylish!

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What our customers say:

Love the goods, love the service, love the people. Can't wait to continue building my stash with you🌹


Absolutely gorgeous selection of designs. From cute to quirky to downright odd (my preference). Sarah is so helpful & took all the time we needed explaining all of the options to us. I’m a convert. Thank you. ❤️


Great choice of products, and excellent service. Good fast delivery and helpful advice if needed. A very useful company for all moms! Thank you!